Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hello Blogger friends! How are you on this Wednesday? I hope things are better than my day, I woke up being……………………..


Worst feeling ever but I’m being a champ and still came to work. It’s not going to be be a very fun day at all.

Even tho I’m sick and feeling totally miserable there is still tons of things I’m loving this Wednesday. Specially since its soo nice outside today. Well nice as in double digit weather not below zero! Hahaha!
 Well its wednesday and you know what that means LINK up days :) these are my favorite link ups!
So head on over to Jamie at This kind of Love and Get linked up!

I’m Loving: That in exactly TWO weeks I will be in the lovely sunshine state soaking up the sun! I cannot wait! 
I’m Loving: that in the beginning of March I will be moving into Town AKA I won’t have to drive 40 mins to work every day.. how wonderful that will be!

I’m Loving: That the day I get into FL we are going to go eat at Pinchers its sooo good if you have one in your area I recommend you try it. And I highly recommend the buffalo shrimp J yyuuuummmmmy J
I’m Loving: That February  will mark the two year mark for me and the boy… We have def had our ups and downs but who doesn’t right? I feel like we seriously just met crazy how time flies.
I’m Loving: this Friday is my Best Friends engagement party cannot wait to see and catch up with everyone.

Cannot wait to see what everyone else is loving!
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC DAY

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  1. Oh no! Can't believe you went into work sick! I totally would've stayed home haha! Hope you feel better soon!